we aim to give the customer that original, delicious fish and chips taste experience, but serve it to them in a clean, modern setting.

The aim of this franchise is to bring back the old "on the corner fish and chippie" that we all loved, but with friendly service and good pricing.

The number of franchise stores is growing monthly, with each new store grabbing the customers off the street and into the shops. “Old Fashioned” has grown into a national franchise and is one of the fastest growing franchises in South Africa.
1928, Harry Ramsden, an unemployed family man, with no success trying to support his family, had a hunger to stretch out the ever popular fish and chips frenzy. Fish and Chips were only really seen among the London poor, this never the less did not stop the more wealthy from migrating in their hordes to indulge their senses with this delightful aroma!

Harry Ramsden spread this out-of-the-way alley concept to the ever demanding city of Bradford, just north of greater London. A success!

The impact the local chippie had in the UK gave the Portuguese travelling down south the idea of spreading this fresh concept but in a more versatile and creative approach. This turned into South Africa’s local fish and chips cafe, found on every street corner. Fish and Chips, frankfurters, russians and quality.... all this worked in South Africa but there was one minor flaw that made a significant difference... no consistency in quality, below acceptable cleanliness and not the friendliest customer service! Hence the reason this concept never lasted in South Africa. It had a shelf life!

In 2001, 172 years on from the days of the infamous Harry Ramsden, a traditional spice based batter, organically sourced Hake, “A” grade potatoes, clinically clean stores and service to make everyone feel as though they were part of the English monarchy arrived!

Emilia De Sousa, founder and CEO of “Old Fashioned” Fish and Chips, had finally brought back the sorely missed original local chippie, a concept her late uncle Alfredo Pereira had the passion and dream to eventually turn into what is now one of the fastest growing franchises in South Africa.

40 years of experience, a dream, an opportunistic venture and a team to foresee its growth. The continuation of the oldest traditional concept known to our taste buds!